I guess you should look where you are going

Why is it peoples doing dumb things blame it on me? I ask you what did I do?

The She peoples gave me this fish bone and it is GREAT! I chew it all the time. I take it upstairs and downstairs, outside, to bed. I love chewing on this bone.

And when I’m done where do you think it goes? Right where I left it. I can’t be bothered tracking it down. There is plenty of chewing ahead so I have to get started ASAP.

Do you think it is my fault that the He peoples walk around in the dark? He was not wearing Philippe Flops or anything. How is that my fault? The peoples have lights and they work. You know what is going to happen?

I feel like I am protected by the covenants of “contributory negligence.” Not to mention being dumb is no excuse to blame others. Own it powderpuff.

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