HEY, I just made that bed!

I know this is getting old but WTH. I’m not getting any respect. After I had made my bed in the pen-house, I watched one of the kittie sisters stroll in and making herself at home in MY BED!

Hey, that’s my bed and you’re in it. You messed up the blanket, it was just the way I like it.

I just made that bed, now you messed it and now it smells like kittie. What’s next, I guess you are gonna eat treats in my bed – aren’t you? Great now there will be crumbs in my bed.

Don’t you raise a paw at me. I’m a dog and you are just a kittie. I’m gonna tell the peoples and you’ll be in big trouble.

PEOPLES, the kittie is in my bed and she raised her paw at me. I could have been injured.

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