Yuck – Kittie Love

One of my kittie sisters has a problem, she likes dogs! She doesn’t just like dogs, she loves dogs. Yes I love chasing the kitties but who wants to snuggle up with a kittie – yuck.

Excuse me, I’m really trying to watch this show on the Animal Channel. Do I look like I want some kittie affection?

Didn’t you understand the words I am thinking? Enough is enough. This is my TV watching time. The peoples will be here soon and change the channel.

Oh come on, I’m allergic to kittie fur. You are going to make me sneeze. And your breath smells of catnip.

Fine…. I am hiding my face. Damn, What did I just miss on the TV?

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2 thoughts on “Yuck – Kittie Love

    1. Thanks, life with peoples is hard enough, the kitties make it all the worse. Don’t get me wrong, they are great fun to chase.


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