Hello, I’m Talking To You

I’m really getting tired of the peoples ignoring me. I pay attention when they talk to me. I don’t like being a complainer but I feel they don’t take me serious and that’s not right.

The other day I was trying to talk to the He peoples and he blew me off. What could I do to get his attention? I read somewhere that to get peoples attention one simply needed to act up. I noticed this thingy on his chair. Figuring if I chewed on it he would pay attention. But noooooo.

So I chewed on his “exercise” peddle thingy under his desk. Now I ask you, how much exercise can one peoples get while SITTING? We could go for a walk, I’ll find bunnies, he gets real exercise, all would be good but Nooooox2.

Oh forget it, I give up. All this effort has tuckered me out. Time for a power nap. Oh and BTW, how about that purple wall, manly right?

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