Future so Bright

I am so glad the peoples built the pergola. The weather has gone from winter to summer. Yes I am loving it. I’ve spent more time outside the last couple days than all the days this winter. The He peoples sits outside with me each night. He’s busy reading a book when he should be playing with me.

I’m here to tell you the sun is very intense, I use the pergola shadows to my benefit. Fortunately, the shadows are just my size. Now if we can only stop the Earth’s rotation so the shadow will stop moving.

I need to speak to the peoples about sun glasses. I can’t stress how great the pergola is. I’ve gotten good at using the shadows to my advantage. Definitely, a case of fitting into the shape of things.

I’m really enjoying after dinner naps on the patio. The shadows are long, the patio is cool and I can keep and eye on the fence. Peoples walk along it and I like to investigate and say “hey.”

Sometimes the heat and sun are a bit much and a girl just wants privacy and a cool place to lie.

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