Saturday in the park

Last Saturday the peoples treated me and my sisters to a surprise – we went to the park and it was PACKED. OMG, there were dogs, kids, peoples on bikes, skateboards, and skates, plus soccer matches – wow! Did I mention dogs?

Hey Sage, look at all the dogs and peoples. Where do we start. I want to go to the disc golf course. Chasing discs will be fun.

Wait, the grass smells so good under this tree. It’s a pine tree I’ll smell minty. Do pine needle smell minty?

Wait, is that an ice cream truck? Oh Boy, I love Butter Pecan and it is getting hot.

Hurry, last one there buys.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday in the park

  1. It sounds like you had an exciting day at the park! I can imagine how much fun it must have been with all those dogs, kids, and activities going on. Chasing discs at the disc golf course sounds like a blast, but taking a break under the pine tree and enjoying its minty scent also sounds lovely. And who could resist an ice cream truck on a hot day? Butter Pecan is a great choice!

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