Did you know the word lunacy is derived from the Latin lunaticus, meaning “moonstruck.” NO! I am having mental health issues but a full moon happened the other day.

I read that a full moon is attributable to peoples acting more crazy than normal, crime increases, pregnant peoples have babies. All untrue, but it does influence sleep patterns and makes me howl.

Wolves are closely associated with the full moon which folklore links to werewolves and wolves howling at the moon. Dogs descend from wolves – no werewolves here but I use howling to communicate over long distances with my neighbors.

You know peoples tend to make less noise at night, yes you peoples are noisy and it is hard to hear what my dog buddies are saying. At night I can hear them better and during a full moon, there is more light so I can see more stuff and we have more to howl about.

In case you didn’t notice (I know you are peoples) all these great pictures are taken during the DAY. I don’t howl at the moon, I just bark funny. I’m trying to get all the attention and let peoples know I am here. I am pretty short you know and it is all about me.

Oh and if you are interested in werewolves, check out Guillaume de Palerme (William and the werewolves) a French romance poem. Don’t know about you but “romance” and “werewolf” are not two words I would normally use in the same sentence.

Speaking of moonstruck, the He peoples mentioned how Little Italy in his hometown would show Moonstruck (the movie) each spring. The residents block off a street, set up chairs and the movie is project onto a brick wall of a house. Maybe I can convince him to rent the movie this weekend? Outside would be really cool.

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2 thoughts on “Moonstruck

    1. Yes it is. Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, believed that the mind contained enough water that the full moon could influence it like the tides. Peoples come up with folklore, so there must be some truth.


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