Culinary Preference

The He peoples gives me a variety of DOG food every day. He puts chicken or shredded cheese on top to make it more appealing. It’s DOG food, like that makes a difference. Recently he found some really good dog food …. I do enjoy chicken.

I enjoy the occasional yogurt or ice cream but those are more like treats. Eating with a spoon is not as difficult as it looks.

I tried a variety of exotic foods but none are to my liking. I can’t image why peoples would eat bottom feeding spiders, trebuchet ammo, or gazpacho in training.

The other day, the He peoples let me try guacamole. OMG I loved it. Didn’t care much for the Frito, but bring on the guac. Ok I don’t care for onions or tomatoes (we already established that). You doesn’t love snack food. Is guac a snack food, an entry or a side I wonder?

And did I mention it is healthy. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat, a “good fat” that can lower your blood cholesterol.

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