Wowser, I’m not alone

Peoples, I was at the park again and guess what? I ran into two Frenchies. Yes I am not alone. I got to play with the first Frenchie, she is 6 months younger than I am. Her name is Lillie and we had great fun chasing each other.

I chased her around and around all the peoples, up and down the hill. She was a little scared, I am a bigger girl you know. I hope I meet her at the park again soon.

After she left, I was so tired let me tell you. Good thing the He peoples bought this water bottle with a built in flip top dog water bowl. The peoples had to cut our time at the park short. That’s when I ran into the other Frenchie. He was a big guy, three years old but he didn’t want to play with me – his loss.

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