About Me

Hello World, it’s me, Lettie also known as “The Potato.” I’m a French Bulldog, I was born in mid November. I spend my days chewing on things I apparently am not supposed to be chewing on, like my people’s toes, their shoes and furniture.

At my new home, I have 5 sisters: 3 are cats and 2 are big dogs, like me!

I enjoy chasing my cat sisters, my dog sister help me because the cats, well they have no sense of humor and don’t play well with others. BTW I love playing with cat toys, dog toys are so boring.

Oh yeah, the people’s have an indoor pool, my sisters keep drinking the water from it which makes swimming a challenge. They keep telling me it’s the water bowls, hey you can’t foul me, I wasn’t born yesterday. Water bowls aren’t 2 feet wide.